Unveiled: Next Evolution of the Acura NSX Concept

Along with the 2014 MDX prototype, Acura also unveiled the latest iteration of the NSX concept in Detroit on Jan. 15. While many industry experts expected to see the production model, this NSX is the next step in the vehicle’s evolution toward staying true to concept and being feasible to produce on a public scale.

The biggest reveal with this latest version of the concept was the glimpse into the interior design, which is described by Acura as a “human-connected” space. Its simple interface was designed specifically to not get in the way.

The graphite model on display at the 2013 NAIAS featured a bold, red leather interior with a modern, yet simple console design.

The clean, modern surfacing looks similar to that of the previous concept and features JewelEye™ LED headlights, which will be a signature staple across all Acura models. The low, wide stance and sleek exterior not only makes the vehicle look like the supercar that it is, it also enhances its performance.

The NSX, with its lightweight chassis and 2-electric motor drive unit, is expected to be ready for production in Acura’s plant in Ohio in the next two years.