Unveiled: Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept

Hyundai’s HCD-14 Genesis concept, which debuted at the 2013 North American International Auto Show, may look like a vehicle from a sci-fi movie, but it could very well be what cars in the future will look like.

Besides its sleek, futuristic and very unique styling, the most impressive feature was driver eye tracking with hand gesture recognition. This purported technology will allow drivers to control various functions, including audio and climate control, with eye movements and light hand gestures, to minimize driver distraction. The optical recognition will also allow the vehicle to recognize the driver and allow only him or her to start the vehicle.

That’s right. Starting your car with your eyes.

While that may seem like a long shot feature, its passenger entertainment feature doesn’t seem as far-fetched. Designed with long road trips in mind, a display allows passengers to check and engage on their social media accounts and play electronic games. Even more of a possibility is the proposed iPad storage slot in the center console.

Don’t expect this vehicle on the road anytime soon, if at all. But it is an interesting look as to what vehicles could potentially be capable of in the not-so-distant future.