The 5 Most Anticipated Cars of the Next Model Year

The dog days of summer have arrived, and with them come the first cars of the next model year. Many manufacturers will be rolling out improvements to their most popular models. But let’s be honest, you really don’t care about incrementally adjusted suspensions or new, yet inevitably deficient infotainment consoles. This list contains the most exciting and jaw-dropping new models that will be revealed this year.

McLaren P1
It’s finally arrived. The successor to the now legendary McLaren F1 will begin delivery later this month. Not only does this car’s illustrious pedigree and rarified nature draw attention, so does its astonishing potential. The McLaren P1 presents one attainable vision of the future. It is a plug in hybrid that also happens to be a supercar. Its hybrid drivetrain produces 903 hp, enough to rocket the car to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds and to its limited top speed of 217 mph. Not only does this car mean business, but it reassures us that, even as the internal combustion engine is phased out, the supercar industry will continue to flourish in all of its loveable insanity.

BMW 4 Series
The 3 Series coupe and convertible are dead. You read that correctly. One of the most popular luxury sports coupes available is being discontinued. Rising in its place will be the creatively titled 4 Series. Major differences? Very few. The design language has primarily carried over from the 3 Series, which is now exclusively a sedan and wagon, but the car has gotten notably lower and wider. The rest of the car can be described as a simply refreshed 3 Series. So why does this merit inclusion in the list? To be blunt, BMW has taken the best sport sedan available and made it better for the new year. They’ve done the impossible and improved on perfection, which is certainly notable.

Porsche 918
Porsche currently makes what is arguably the world’s only supercar that can function as a fully liveable daily driver: the 911. It’s been an enormous success for close to a century now and, as such, Porsche hasn’t seen fit to change its aesthetics in any way. Whenever they do choose to roll out a model that doesn’t borrow in some way from the 911, it’s typically cause for great excitement. The last time this happened, the mid-engine Carrera GT was the result. Just like the McLaren, this car is a hybrid, mating a 608 hp V-8 with two electric motors that boost the output to 887 hp. Although production won’t begin until September, the excitement is almost palpable.

La Ferrari
There’s a new Ferrari. These words are always newsworthy. But this isn’t just any new Ferrari. This is the successor to the Enzo, the 2004 hypercar that Ferrari was so confident in that they gave it the name of their founder. The La Ferrari is similar in premise to the Porsche and McLaren listed above. It pairs a 161 hp electric motor with a 789 hp internal combustion engine to lay down a colossal 950 hp. Beginning to see a pattern here? As is traditional for top-of-the-line Ferraris, it won’t look like anything else on the road. Although it functions in a similar manner to the Porsche and McLaren, its badge and the excitement it has generated put this car well above the competition.

Ford Mustang
After years of waiting, Ford will be rolling out a completely redesigned version of America’s favorite ponycar. The Mustang has always been as American as apple pie and baseball, and this completely revamped model has had fans salivating since its initial announcement. Details are still scant, but fans can expect a new design language that reflects the design of the recent Fusion and Focus. It will be based on the Eos concept, which seems to substantiate this claim. For years, the Mustang has been the easiest way for a gearhead to get behind the wheel of a serious car and have some fun. Expect nothing to change in this new model, except the advent of the new design, which will be a welcome change for many.