NAIAS 2014 Unveiled: Toyota FT-1 Concept

Today in Detroit, Toyota revealed its exciting new sports car concept, the Toyota FT-1. The car, named for the direction that Future Toyota (or FT) is heading, boasts clean, modern lines in a classic sports car shape. The FT-1 is the ultimate compilation of previous Toyota coupe designs like the 2000GT, Celica and the Supra.

Whereas Toyota has relied heavily on a strong influence from the market to steer its designs in the past, producing vehicles that would be liked by everyone, the new goal is to “develop future generations of products that connect on an emotional level.” With the help of Calty Design Research, Toyota is beginning to realize this goal by taking the first step with the FT-1.

Toyota FT-1 Concept
The emphasis in the design of the FT-1 was to make a car that would represent this new chapter in Toyota’s design future. Akio Toyota, president and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation, challenged designers to create a car that would spark people’s emotions, maintain Toyota’s passion for producing cool cars, and drive buyers to exclaim, “I have to have this!”

With that in mind, the exterior of the car is incredibly modern, with smooth lines and a high-gloss sheen throughout. The deeply sculpted intakes and outlets create a sexy form, and the front engine rear-wheel drive design gives the overall look the classic sports car proportions. The wraparound windshield is reminiscent of the Toyota 2000GT.

Within the cockpit, the space is potentially even more minimalist, leaving it to be “purpose-filled.” This design helps make the space all about the driver, which then gives him or her a strong connection with the car itself. The display area, situated past the steering wheel and under the windshield, points the driver’s view towards the road to give him or her a safe way to monitor the display as well as the sensation of being one with the car. Additionally, lightweight seats with just the right amount of padding provide comfort and space within the interior of the car.

Toyota FT-1 Concept
Before the car itself was actually built, it began as a virtual design that could be used in Grand Turismo 6. The team utilized this version in its concept pitch, allowing Akio Toyota to drive the virtual car, an experience that he loved. As a result, the virtual car will be available for online download on Grand Turismo 6 tomorrow, January 14. The game will allow users to get a feel for the power and agility of Toyota’s thrilling sports car concept before the car itself is actually available.