NAIAS 2014 Unveiled: Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Following the news that the Chevrolet Stingray was named the North American 2014 car of the year, Chevrolet unveiled the Corvette Z06 and Corvette C7.R racecar in tandem. The video introduction to the Z06 reveal showed the car racing around a track, occasionally slowing down to show stats and titles demonstrating its “world-class power and torque, aerodynamic downforce, braking and grip, and driver technologies.” Additionally, the Z06 has already been named the most track-capable Corvette ever and has broken records set by the ZR1.

The Z06, already impressively presented, was also described as a world-class “super car” that rivals the performance, design, technology and visceral driving experience of any other car.

2015 Corvette Z06


The design and build of the car is modeled on previous versions, but manages to take everything to the next level. The car is powered by a 6.2-liter LTR engine with 625 horsepower, making it the only car in the U.S. offering more than 604 horsepower. Additionally it allows for a choice between a 7-speed manual transmission and an all new, high-performance 8-speed automatic.

With an all-aluminum frame that is 60% stiffer than the outgoing model, the performance envelope is truly elevated in the Z06. Not only does the frame improve the driving experience, but the inclusion of magnetic drive control, a five-mode drive selector and a performance data recorder do as well. The car also has the option of an open-air driving experience with the inclusion of its removable roof panel. The Z06 should be entering production later in 2014 and be available for deliveries early 2015.

President of General Motors North America, Mark Reuss, joked with the reveal of the Z06 that one might think they’d brought out the new racecar in its place because of its sleek racing design. However, this was no mistake. The Z06 and C7.R were purposefully designed in collaboration, creating a strong connection between the two cars. This strategy of sharing technology and ideas between the track and the road is a major part of what has made Chevy America’s favorite line of performance cars.

The C7.R, as mentioned, shares a very similar structure with the Z06, including the stiffer aluminum frame. Drivers immediately noticed how this new structure greatly improved handling on the track. The race team also had to do very little in order to get the downforce needed in the C7.R. This same technology shared with the Z06 is part of what also contributes to fuel conservation in the C7.R, allowing for drivers to bypass a pitstop and save crucial time on the track. The C7.R will be making its debut at Daytona next month.

After an incredibly successful 2013, in which Chevrolet was able to sell nearly 5 million vehicles worldwide, the reveal of the Z06 and C7.R looks like it will make 2014 an even more profitable year for the American automotive brand.