NAIAS 2014: Tesla Fails to Debut Model X

While it was anticipated that Tesla might introduce the Model X at the North American International Auto Show this morning, the electric car company chose instead to focus on the status of the Model S, emphasizing its success in the past year and plans for the future.

One of the main focuses of the press conference was Tesla’s safety. As more Teslas appear on the roads, drivers are realizing that the car actually is quite safe. Now with 168 million miles on the road, Tesla has seen no injuries or casualties related to the vehicle itself, and the cars have received incredibly positive safety ratings.

Even as the cars are already proving to be very safe, the team at Tesla is constantly working to update the technology and firmware to make the cars even safer. This process can be executed remotely, allowing Tesla drivers to leave their cars in their garages while they are being upgraded, a feature unique to Tesla.

Tesla Model S at NAIAS 2014
Additionally, now that Tesla drivers are able to experience winter in their electric vehicles, they are discovering how well it handles in snow and icy conditions. The largest market outside North America is Norway, demonstrating that these cars can certainly make it through snow, ice and hilly terrain. Particularly considering the recent weather in the Midwest, the Model S’s ability to handle smoothly in the winter will really raise awareness of the car as more than just an environmentally friendly travel option. The ability to preheat the car ahead of time doesn’t hurt either.

Tesla’s plans for 2014 are focused on a quick, broad expansion both in sales and, consequentially, overall awareness. It can be expected for the Tesla sales and service presence to double globally over the next year in order to grow the company in North America, Europe and Asia.

Tesla is also looking to expand its supercharger network in order to allow for fast and free long-distance driving. Currently, 80 superchargers have been installed across the world, and their locations are literally growing every day; today, two new chargers are being installed in Ohio.

Though the Model X was not present at the show, it was explained that the vehicle is constantly being worked on and will be unveiled in the near future, likely at the Tesla factory or design studio. Tesla execs also stated that within the next three years the company plans to launch the third generation of Tesla vehicles, which will ideally cost half the price of current models and will be produced in a greater volume.

While it seems like it may take some time to see the Model X in person, the Tesla Model S will be available for deliveries within the next few weeks.

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