GM Invests Big in Online Car Shopping

It’s true that you can buy almost anything on the Internet. However, buying or leasing a new car online isn’t as common or easy as you would imagine. With the recent announcement of a new service, General Motors is now making sure that buying or leasing a car online will become as ubiquitous as buying other products online.

The new “Shop-Click-Drive” service “enables consumers to choose a specific vehicle, get estimated pricing, review available incentives, learn about and choose financing and insurance products, get information about their trade-in and apply for financing, all online,” according to the official GM announcement.

The service began its pilot phase earlier this year, expanding to eight states. Now all of GM’s approximately 4,300 dealers in the U.S. will have the option to feature “Shop-Click-Drive” on their individual dealer websites.

GM is the first to have this type of online shopping option provided for its dealers directly from the manufacturer. One obvious benefit are that consumer are able to shop for new vehicle 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It also caters to the segment of the population that doesn’t like the hassle shopping for a vehicle at the dealership, which can take up the better portion of a day. It’s no secret that going to a dealership can be overwhelming, but it’s hard to imagine many people going through the whole process of buying or leasing a vehicle without one of the most important parts – the test drive.

Unless GM has plans to incorporate some sort of at-home test-drive service, which will have to be run at the dealer level, it’s hard to imagine this program taking off right away. However, the true test of its success will be if other manufacturers start following suit.

[Source: General Motors]