Audi of America tackles myths about diesel stations

In what looks to be part of their push of expanding their TDI clean diesel vehicle options, Audi of America took to YouTube to dispel some myths about diesel gas stations.

One of the biggest gripes about diesel vehicles — mostly from non-owners — is that there aren’t enough gas stations with diesel pumps. The video breaks down the percentage of gas stations — out of the 158,000 total in the U.S. — that carry diesel gas. It also explains how that discrepancy isn’t as big of an issue because a diesel engine will give your vehicle a farther driving range.

The highly stylized animated video concludes with a look at Audi’s four major TDI models and their impressive diesel fuel range. The Q5 boasts a range over 600 miles on one tank. The A6 and A7 can get over 700 miles to a tank. Most impressively, the A8 can go over 800 miles.